Festival Beach Restroom

Commissioned by The Trail Conservancy and the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department, this open-air restroom becomes more than what the program dictates. The sculptural pavilion is a marker in the landscape, a place for shade, and a unique structure that belongs to the neighborhood.

Keeping the footprint as compact as possible and using reclaimed materials helped us not only provide what was needed, but also add other amenities and shade for the park users. A forest of columns supports two tiled waves of reclaimed blue tile to provide much needed ventilation and shelter from the sun. A concrete pipe was modified to become a trough sink, while concrete and steel provide the privacy for the toilet rooms. These choices all enable this project to endure a long life in a high use environment and keep maintenance costs down. The design solution is rooted in the experience of place, is inspired by the site, and informed by the user’s cultural preferences. The pavilion reflects the uniqueness of this section of the trail – a different story than one would experience elsewhere along the trail system.

Location: Austin, TX

Category: Public Works

Contractor: Crowell Builders

Photographer: Casey Dunn