The Solarium is a modern addition to a historic Craftsman house. This light-filled structure transforms the existing bungalow while complementing its vernacular. Built of steel, glass and board-formed concrete, the room opens up entirely, with landscape serving as a backdrop to the glass walls. The design showcases the handmade craft details, including a custom pulley for the fireplace screen.

The Solarium’s companion structure is a small restroom under the stair to a guest apartment. Glowing frosted glass, steel, and walnut details provide a conversation between these structures.

The modern structures make themselves distinct from the Craftsman home while following the same rules of attention to detail and understanding of the craftsmanship required to build it. As an engineer, the homeowner has a passion for detailing and functionality, and how the materials can work together to create something artful. Now the house shows this philosophy as expressed in two different centuries.

Location: Austin, TX

Category: Residential, historic renovation

Contractor: Wood Eye Construction and Design

Photographer: Tobin Davies and Casey Woods Photography