Las Casitas

This pair of tree houses connected by a steel and wood bridge is nestled into a grove of cedar trees in West Lake Hills. Built for a brother and sister, ages seven and ten, the two houses are elevated off the ground on steel columns that blend into the surrounding tree trunks. The skin of the trapezoidal floating boxes is untreated cedar. The open slats of the wood screen allow light to pass through and the boxes glow like lanterns in the night. Inside the tree houses are unexpected pops of bright color that create a hidden and whimsical world for the children. There are an infinite number of ways to engage the imagination – including bridges, slides, ladders, and secret hatches. The structures encourage a sense of adventure in the children through outdoor play, independence, and a connection to nature.

Location: Westlake, TX

Category: Play structures

Contractor: Heinz Construction Service

Photographer: Maite Niño