Silver Hill Residence

The renovation of this 1980’s residence transformed the disjointed original house into an open and inviting space with a strong connection to the outdoors. The interior is characterized by clean lines and natural materials including raw steel, shou sugi ban, and walnut that bring warmth and texture to the space. The large kitchen and central island form the nucleus of the home: a place where the newly blended family of six can gather as one. The exterior of the house was simplified in form and material. New landscaping, outdoor kitchen, porch, and fire pit allow family life to spill into the beautiful backyard. Hand cut limestone pavers mediate both the steep elevational changes from the interior to pool level, and the transition from the modern aesthetic of the interior and building skin to the rugged natural landscape of the adjacent creek bed.

Location: Westlake, TX

Category: Residential renovation

Contractor: Wood Eye Construction and Design

Photographer: Casey Woods