Modern Barn

Barns are where you store the equipment needed to maintain your property, farm your land or feed your livestock. They are repair shops. They shelter from the elements. They are where the day begins and ends.

This modern barn is the companion building to a small stone ranch house. Its operations – fishing, planting, harvesting and restoring the land to its original state – are modest in scale, but meaningful to the land’s occupants.

The barn is organized around a breezeway that separates the car garage from a greenhouse and smaller ATV garage.  The breezeway serves as a work space and a place for the gathering and sorting of tools for the day. Barn doors open at each end to make access for ranch vehicles, the wind, and the sun. To the north side of the breezeway, the greenhouse provides space for planting seedlings, washing produce, and cleaning fish.

Location: Blanco, TX

Category: Accessory Structure

Contractor: Pilgrim Building Company

Photographer: Casey Woods