Post Oak Retreat

The clients needed a retreat from the demands of their busy lives, but rather than building a house in the country, they opted to create a place for respite in the heart of Austin. The design achieves a balance between light and view, and privacy and seclusion, which resulted in a “c” shaped plan that embraces a small courtyard. This allows natural light into every room of the house and encourages natural ventilation while directing all views from the interior spaces into the tree canopies, the sky and the courtyard.

An infill project located blocks from downtown, this project is constructed of SIPS and defrays potential wall heat gain by employing rain screen exterior walls. Natural lighting strategies reduce energy usage and an agreement with the neighbors to share a driveway reduces impervious coverage over the aquifer. Mindfully sculpted forms address the scale of the neighborhood on a highly restrictive site, while accommodating existing trees.

Location: Austin, Texas

Category: Residential, New Construction

Contractor: Pilgrim Building Company

Photographer: Casey Woods